Dana & Adam: Maternity Shoot

Dana and Adam have quickly become two of my favorite people. Not only were they easy and fun to photograph, but they are two of the nicest people you have ever met. Truly. They are expecting their first baby (a boy) this October. For their maternity shoot- we took a drive up to Mt. Lemonn- to relax and take some pictures in the MUCH cooler air. Below is some of what we captured.

We got a lot of photos pf Dana laughing because her husband is HILARIOUS!

Dana is seriously stunning.

I think this is my favorite image of the shoot…

I love this next one…

How cute are these tiny Tom’s?!

I’m not kidding. Adam is F-U-N-N-Y!

These next few Wildcat themed photos were completely necessary because Dana was on the pom line for U of A and Adam was on the Football team (how fitting!). I love theses…

These are two of my favorites from the shoot.


Thank you Dana and Adam for an awesome shoot!





Baby Mia: 6 Months

Mia Shirley is a doll. Truly the sweetest disposition of any baby. Plus, she is adorable! I recently photographed this ‘doll’ for her 6-month photo documentation. (Mia’s Mom has hired me to do a ‘First year in the life’ photo documentation of Mia’s entire first year of life). Mia’s Mom, Dad and big brother Max came along to help and watch, so we got a few of theses guys as well.

I just love this sweet little face, look how excited she is! The bows on the back of her dress, also had to be documented. I love details!

We managed to get a couple family photos, even though this shoot was all about Mia. Look forward to seeing this family again, when we do their holiday photo shoot this fall!


I just love this little back shot!

Mia and her mama.

Everything blooms in the desert when we finally get some rain! These bright cheerie flowers remind me of Mia!

I had to take a few of Mia’s big brother Max. What cute kids the Shirley’s have!

I love this last one! This will definitely make her album!

Thank you Shirley family!



Charlie Turn’s ONE.

It’s not everyday that Charlie Borland turns one! Naturally, you have to document it. Charlie’s parents were married at the Arizona Inn almost 4 years ago, so it made sense to document Charlie turning one, in a place that is both sentimental and beautiful. Below are the images we caught of Charlie, his personality, and his handsome good looks!

Charlie is in a phase, where he wants to know what everything is…”uh-daaat?”. I love this pointing picture…you can almost hear him say it!

I love his little balloons! Unfortunately, most of the balloon shots didn’t work out because he was a little distracted (obviously!)…but we did get this one! He looks a tho he might just fly away!

Baby drool…

I just love this next shot!

He is just such a happy little guy! Look at all his little faces…

Oh those eyes!

So curious…

Finally, Charlie stripped down and put on his comfy overalls right before he left for his nap time.

Small Business Saturdays

Being a small business, I like to shop, eat and blog local too. Hence, I’ve decided, that my Saturday post will be dedicated to: Local business. I will try to highlight a small business in my (our) local Tucson community. Complete with…you guessed it- PHOTOS, and a small, modest description of what they do best. This will be a fun way for me to meet new people in my community, eat a new restaurants and shop local, all the while practicing what I love to do most, photography. I will be covering everything from restaurants and farmers markets, to boutiques, printers, florists and other local small businesses. Should you have a small business, or know of one you think I should cover, let me know I would love to feature it!

The Nutting Family

This last week, I had the great pleasure of photographing the Nutting family, near their home in Oro Valley, AZ. With the monsoon season in full swing here in the desert, things seem to be a bit greener than usual. Brett, Erin and their two adorable girls and I walked around their neighborhood, scouting the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous family.

I love these images of Erin and her daughter Allie.

Isn’t she breathtaking?!

Spend an hour with these four and you will realize how much love they share for one another. They are all so sweet.

Brett and Erin are truly adorable together.

If you haven’t been on Pinterest before- consider yourself lucky. If you HAVE, then you may be like me, and wonder if there is an AA group for Pinterest junkies. Once I’m on there…its over. I might break for meals, but that is it! Luckily, Erin shares my Pin-Love and ‘pinned’ some cute shots for us to try. Below is an idea we got from another photographer, but with out own twist. I really like how these came out. Erin remarked that the photos, to her, show the amount of love and closeness the two of them share. I couldn’t agree more.

It does not hurt that the Nuttings are all gorgeous. Seriously, I don’t think any of them take bad photos.

I am really loving composites with plants and people. It brings in an earthy organic vibe that I really like.

After Erin and Brett had a bunch of photos it was the girls turn again…

I love this sweet little expression.

The eyes in this family I amazing…I mean come on!


I am so in love with this image below!

While Allie had her pictures done..Lexie goofed around with her dad. Lexie is very witty.

Erin and Allie look so much alike- I had to take this next one. Erin used to be a model. Clearly.

Once we were finished and headed back to the house, the girls stopped to pick flowers.

Thank you Nutting family for such  a fun evening! Enjoy!

Kelsey’s Baby Bump

Kelsey’s Maternity Shoot: Downtown/Old Barrio District

At 7 months pregnant, Kelsey Shirley looks adorable. Awaiting the birth of her second child, she couldn’t be more excited, and it shows. Kelsey and I took her maternity pictures in the Old Barrio district in downtown Tucson. I love to take pictures here because the lighting is amazing, and the old buildings and doors give a rustic sensibility to the photographs.

Kelsey is having a girl, so I love this hot pink door we were able to find

These are the types of backgrounds you can always find in the Barrio.

Kelsey’s pump is the cutest!

I adore this next photo…

I am a big fan of texture. I love the texture this brick wall added to Kelsey’s photos.

Thank you Kelsey for an amazing shoot! Congratulations to you and Nate!