The Solis Family

I love family sessions. I love the interactions between parents and kids, I love sweet little siblings- its just all so fun. This session was extra fun because this family was also expecting a new little bundle! Big sister Gia was the sweetest, and so excited to be having a new baby in her family.

Solis Family-56

I love this idea!

Solis Family-69

Solis Family4

I have a real soft spot for Dad’s and daughters…Solis Family2

This next photo is extra special. Tina, had the idea to take a photo of her and Gia in the same pose as she was once photographers with her mom.  It was such a special tribute to her mom, who passed away. With a two year old, this can be a little tricky, but I think we got close.

Solis Family-116Solis Family-365

Solis Family3 Solis Family-95

These 3 and a half were just adorable. Solis Family-148 Solis Family-145

I of course had to get a few shots of just Tina and her beautiful belly. Solis Family5

Such a incredibly kind and sweet family! Solis Family-193 Solis Family-212 Solis Family-219

This is one good looking pregnant lady! Except for the belly, she didn’t look pregnant at all! Solis Family-227

Solis Family6


Isn’t she the cutest?!Solis Family7 Solis Family-232 Solis Family-238

They decided not to find out if they were having a girl or a boy until delivery, which is such a fun surprise! Solis Family-267

This is my favorite. Solis Family-271 Solis Family-282

Solis Family8 Solis Family-339
Solis Family-372Thank you Tina and Rick for letting me photography your beautiful family! Solis Family-371




Greyson: Newborn Photos

A little peek at a few of the cute photos we got of new baby Greyson. I am sure there will be many more photos in your future little one! Welcome to the world sweet boy. Grey-1-9 copy


Grey-1 copy

My favorite!



Little everything. Love it. Grey-1-5 copy



Greyson copy


Nothing like a Mom and a baby.


Daddies and babies. Swoon.Greyson-1-24 Greyson-1-7 Greyson-1-26

I took Grey’s parents photos a few years ago, and realized- that this one with Greyson was so similar! So Sweet. Desktop49

Congratulations Nutting family!

Alexis and Jeremiah: Engagement session at home

To say I know this couple well is an understatement. These two are some of the best friends you could have in the world. I actually LIVED with these two in college. I love them so very much, which makes this post a very special one for me. They have been together for ten years…starting a romance at the ripe old age of 18. Most people say that you know nothing at 18, which is so very, very true- but these two actually knew what they had and never let it go. Their love for one another, their commitment, their generosity, their amazing curiosity and creativeness, and finally their true kindness- make them an unbelievable pair. I am constantly inspired by their talent and their spirit. Together they will achieve great things. I could not imagine them not being married- and I am so excited for their wedding.

When they asked me to take their engagement photos I was ecstatic- and knew Alexis (the very talented owner of Avenue Boutique) would have all sorts of cute things planned. Boy was I right. Starting with the pajama set in bed- these two know style. Take a look…

A & J-1-4 A & J-1-5

A & J-1-7

A & J-1-6


A & J-1

A & J-66 copy
A & J-1-11

A and J for Facebook1

A & J-1-12A and J for Facebook2
A & J-1-15

A and J for Facebook12

Alexis knitting….always, Jeremiah playing music. Just a typical day in the life. A & J-1-16

A and J for Facebook A & J-1-17

Collages18 A & J-1-21 A & J-1-22

A & J-55

A & J-63 copy

A & J-101 copy

A & J-1-23

A & J-1-25
A & J-1-24

A and J for Facebook4 A & J-1-26

I am so in love with this next one!A & J-1-28 A & J-1-30

Next we headed inside to play a few games….starting with Cowboys and Indians.

A & J-131 copyA & J-1-32

A & J-1-38

A and J for Facebook3

A & J-1-34

A & J-1-35 A & J-1-37
A & J-1-39

A and J A & J-1-42

A and J for Facebook5A & J-1-45 A & J-1-48

A and J for Facebook8 A & J-1-49


A and J for Facebook17

If you think it might be hard to be friends with this beautiful of a couple- you would be right. Indeed… A & J-1-51

A and J for Facebook9
A & J-1-52 A & J-1-55

A and J1 A & J-1-56

A & J-264

A and J for Facebook10

This tree in their yard is so amazing! I love eucalyptus, but this one takes the cake. A & J-290A & J-1-61

A & J-300 A & J-1-62

A & J-1-64 A & J-1-63

A and J for Facebook11 A & J-1-66 A & J-1-67 A & J-1-68 A & J-1-69 A & J-1-70

J and A-1-4


engage J and A-1-5

A & J-1-76

A and J for Facebook13

A & J-1-71

J and A-1-3 copy

I love this next set in the street. It was hard to choose!
A & J-1-89


A and J for Facebook14

A & J-520
A & J-1-90

A and J for Facebook16

A & J-1-91

A and J for Facebook15



A & J-1-81


Love, love, love, this one!A & J-1-80

A & J-1-79

A & J-1-78

A & J-1-94

A and J for Facebook19 A & J-1-95 A & J-1-96 A & J-1-97 A & J-1-98
A & J-1-99I love her jewelry- and I had to get a few shots of it. Alexis has always had beautiful jewelry, but now, she makes it and sell it in her shop too (Avenue Boutique) . Gorgeous. 

Downloads1 copy

Thank you for letting me take your photos. You two are the world to me, and I can’t wait to watch the rest of your lives unfold. I am so honored to know both of you. Love.

Shannon and Bill: Wedding at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch

I absolutely love fall weddings! I love the weather, the colors and most of all when brides use sunflowers! Shannon and Bill, got married at the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch this last November. If you don’t remember their engagement shoot…here is a sneak peek back…

418745_341123549303029_80440510_n-1 Mucha Family-1-3 The wedding  day was perfect, the bride was gorgeous and the location was a blast to photograph. Below are just a few of many favorites from the day.

Huff Wedding-1-34

Shannon and Bill

Huff Wedding-1-16 Huff Wedding-1-17


Huff Wedding-1-60


Dress time! Huff- Crawley 2012-68

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 10.42.53 PM


Huff- Crawley 2012-44


Huff- Crawley 2012-147

Huff- Crawley 2012-89

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.43.26 PM

Huff- Crawley 2012-78



Huff Wedding-1-18

Huff Wedding-1-26



Their first look…was really just her first look! So fun. I love his giant bow! HA!

Shannon Huff 20121

Huff- Crowley 2012-62 (1)

Huff Wedding-1-37

Huff Wedding-1-38

Huff Wedding-1-21

Huff Wedding-1


Ceremony time! I absolutely love these next two my second shooter, Kelsey Shirley got! Huff Wedding-1-14 Huff Wedding-1-13

Deep breath! Love this!
Huff Wedding-1-12The moment the bride comes down the aisle, I always look at the groom. I love that moment. So special. 

Huff Wedding-1-2

Huff Wedding-1-3

Huff Wedding-1-5

Huff Wedding1

Huff Wedding-1-6

Huff Wedding-1-4

Huff Wedding-1-15

Huff Wedding-1-9

Huff Wedding-1-10

Huff Wedding-1-11

Shannon & Bill-1-5

Huff Wedding7

Huff- Crowley 2012-162

Huff Wedding6

Huff Wedding-1-39

Shannon & Bill-1-6

Huff- Crawley 2012-88Huff- Crawley 2012-2


This is my absolute favorite parent shot ever! Love!Huff Wedding-1-36

Huff- Crawley 2012-30 (1)

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.41.29 PM

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.37.04 PM
Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.39.58 PM

Huff Wedding3

Huff- Crowley 2012-301 (1)

Huff- Crowley 2012-207 (1)

Huff- Crowley 2012-277

Huff- Crowley 2012-5-2
Huff- Crowley 2012-39-2

Huff- Crowley 2012-102-2 (1)

Huff- Crowley 2012-14-2

Huff- Crowley 2012-262 Huff- Crowley 2012-245

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.39.24 PM Desktop40 copy



Huff- Crowley 2012-290

Huff Wedding-1-31

Huff Wedding-1-24

Huff Wedding-1-20

Huff Wedding-1-27

Huff Wedding2

Huff Wedding-1-23

Huff Wedding-1-19

Huff Wedding-1-40

Huff Wedding-1-62


Huff Wedding4

Huff Wedding-1-42 Huff Wedding-1-41

Huff Wedding-1-51

Huff Wedding-1-48

Huff Wedding-1-46

Huff Wedding-1-45

Huff Wedding-1-47 Huff Wedding-1-50 Huff Wedding-1-49

Huff Wedding-1-56 Huff Wedding-1-55 Huff Wedding-1-54

Huff Wedding5

Congratulations you two! Hugs to you both.