Aleks & Adam: Wedding at DC Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ

Aleks & Adam- Getting Ready3

Most of you might remeber this stunning face from her engagement session with her handsome husband HERE. I was so excited that they ended up choosing me to also photograph their wedding at DC Ranch. They have been one of the easiest couples to photograph, because they are so genuine and loving. I rarely had to give them instructions on how to pose or what to do- they always just fell into it so easily and naturally. Adam and Aleks became one of my couples at a time when my business was just beginning, and from that point on it has just exploded. Since photographing thier engagment session, I have been so insanely busy- bought lots of new equipment, met so many other amazing vendors and photographers, and grow faster than I could keep up with. With the amazing assistance of my new employee Lindsay (more on her soon!) I am now able to balance my blog too- and start posting more weddings!

Needless to say, this blog post has been a long time coming! I would like to thank this sweet couple so much for believing in me, and my work and for helping me become the wedding photographer I wanted to be. Love you both! Thank you also to my second shooter Natalie, of Natalie Lindberg Photography- you make work so fun! ! You got so many AMAZING shots, I could not have done this with out you or your talent!
Aleks & Adam- Getting Ready-2

Aleks & Adam- Boudoire-38

Aleks & Adam- Getting Ready2

Aleks & Adam- Getting Ready-139

Aleks & Adam- Getting Ready1

Aleks & Adam- Getting Ready-149

Aleks & Adam Blog Post copy

Aleks & Adam- Bride2

Love this one of the groom and his Dad. Aleks & Adam- Getting Ready-235

Aleks & Adam- Groom-1

Aleks & Adam Blog Post copy 11

Love this one of the bridesmaids looking through the door my second shooter Natalie got…they were such fun bridesmaids.

Aleks & Adam- Bride1

Aleks & Adam- Bride-149

Aleks & Adam Blog Post copy 4

Aleks & Adam-1-2


Aleks & Adam- Bride-65


Aleks & Adam- Groom1

Aleks & Adam- Getting Ready-258

Aleks & Adam- Details-25 LOVE this one…

Aleks & Adam- Bride-121Aleks & Adam-1-21First look before the ceremony: 

Aleks & Adam- First Looks2

Aleks & Adam- First Looks1

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-41

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-161

Aleks & Adam- Bride & Groom-164

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-49

Aleks & Adam- Bride and Groom5

Aleks & Adam-1-19

This elevator shot was so fun- love this look!

Aleks & Adam- Bride and Groom6

Aleks & Adam Blog Post copy 6

Parent gifts…

Aleks & Adam Blog Post copy 7

Aleks did a first look with her Dad too- I love this idea. 

Aleks & Adam- First LooksAleks & Adam-1-17

Aleks & Adam- Bridal Party-4

Aleks & Adam- Bridal Party-16

Aleks & Adam- Bridal Party-11

When Adams sister saw Adam she immediately started crying, it was the sweetest moment. 

Aleks & Adam- Family Formals-46

Aleks & Adam- Bridal Party-57

Aleks & Adam- Bridal Party-111 Aleks & Adam- Bridal Party-141


Aleks & Adam- Bridal Party-210

Aleks & Adam- Family Formals-73


I love this cross- it was HAND MADE the week of the wedding by the brides Dad & grandpa. It truly made the ceremony site so special. After the wedding the bride gave the cross to the guys from Flora Bella flowers so other brides could enjoy it for years to come. Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-5

Aleks lost her mom, and she designated a seat to her mom. This made the ceremony so special, her moms presence was really felt at the wedding.

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-1

Best flower girl move of all time! Aleks & Adam Blog Post copy 8

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-137


Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-174

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-230

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony4

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-234

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-237 2

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-76

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-250

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-287

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-274

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-350

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-290

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-281

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-298

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-361

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-373

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-381

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-447

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony3Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-455


After they were announced as man and wife they kissed and then had the longest hug…it was so sweet. Aleks & Adam- CeremonyAleks & Adam- Ceremony-486

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-494

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony1

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony-517

Aleks & Adam- Ceremony2

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-323

I feel like everyone asks to see the brides rings, and I always get a shot of that, but Aleks was so excited to see Adam with a ring…it was so adorable! Love this next shot…

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-251

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-278

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-228

Aleks & Adam- Bride and Groom3

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-329

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-307

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-287

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-313

Aleks & Adam- Bride and Groom1 Aleks & Adam- Bride and Groom2

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-349

Aleks & Adam- Bride anf Groom-345

Aleks & Adam- Bridal Party-218

Aleks & Adam- Details

Aleks & Adam- Details3


The bride and groom made this really amazing “memory tree” and hung photos of family members who were lost, but not forgotten. It was a really nice way to honor their special family members who were not there. Below the tree were the “table numbers”. Each guest got a luggage tag as a gift (this was a destination wedding after all…). The tags gave guest their ‘destination table’. Instead of a traditional number at each table the bride and groom featured a photo of them on a trip- the luggage tags told each guest what destination to go to. Such a fun idea!


Aleks & Adam- Details-42

Love the romantic lighting of the ranch….the use of so many candles on the tables gave such a romantic vibe.

Aleks & Adam- Details-85

The bride and groom custom made each and every guest a thank you note and put them at people place settings. Such a nice gesture- and really made the tables unique.

Aleks & Adam- Details-98

Love this tree at DC ranch!

Aleks & Adam- Bride and Groom4

This next one was the bride and grooms Christmas card….

Aleks & Adam-1-13

Aleks & Adam- Details-86

Aleks & Adam Blog Post copy 5

Aleks & Adam- Details1

Aleks & Adam- Reception-136

Cutest groom move ever below!!!

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dances-270

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dances-14 copy

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dances-77

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dances-125 copy


There was a full moon that night, which made the first dance so romantic and beautiful. Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dances-249

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dances-267


Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dances-251 copy

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dancing

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dancing1

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dancing2

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dancing4

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dances-206

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dances-218 copy

Aleks & Adam- Toasts and Dancing3

Aleks & Adam- Reception-276

Let’s just say their bridal party was amazing on the dance floor. ..

Aleks & Adam- Reception-184

Aleks & Adam- Reception1

Aleks & Adam- Reception-394

Aleks & Adam- Details2

Aleks & Adam- Reception-306

Aleks & Adam- Reception-401

Aleks & Adam- Reception

Aleks & Adam- Reception-395

 After their wedding I asked Aleks (bride) to write a little something about her wedding and her experience etc. Below is a part of what she wrote, that just really stuck with me:

From the Bride: “It is hard for me to pin point my favorite part of our wedding day as I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment (especially hugging Adam after we were pronounced husband and wife!)  People kept asking me if I was excited to be getting married “today”, “in a couple of hours”, “in an hour” and although I was overjoyed to marry my amazing husband, I did my best not to think forward to the next hour or next minute because I had been waiting for ALL of this for so long that I did not want to miss any of it.  My mother always told me that when you look back on your life you only remember certain moments so try and recognize when you are “in a moment” and really soak it in.   
….our wedding was full of these moments and was everything I envisioned it to be and more. I just wish we could go back and do it all over again!”

 Congrats you guys! Thank you so much for letting me a part of your day!


Vendor List:

Flowers/Tables: Flora Bella

Venue/ Catering: The Country Club at DC Ranch

DJ: Got you Covered

Videography:  Bella Mia (Kendra)

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