Meet Lindsay: Our Newest (Most Favorite) Studio Assistant!

MeetLuluWhat started out as a busy Fall in 2013, then turned into an INSANE Winter and even more nuts Spring here in the studio. Luckily for me, business has grown at a really fast rate over the past year, and I am both grateful and excited. With this increase in business, I ¬†quickly (or not so quickly) realized I needed help both in the studio and in the field! Enter: Lulu! Lindsay (or Lulu if you know her), my first team member, started with me a few weeks ago- and makes everything so much BETTER! The best thing about her, is she can do anything. You will find her writing blog posts, editing galleries, keeping me organized and on task, taking my Graham Graham on fun play dates, and second shooting with me on occasion. She’s fun, and has a great eye, ¬†and I can’t imagine working with anyone else! (Plus: hello, she’s adorable). Welcome to EMP Lulu, and thank for agreeing to hang out with Graham and I all week!



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