Kristina & Dylan: Engaged

This post has been a long time coming! These two are two of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure to photograph. Kristina and Dylan are getting married this weekend! (See…a long time coming, like I said.) I am so excited for their wedding. They are so easy going and affectionate- it’s going to be a blast! For this shoot we went to St. Phillips Church, and then over to Hacienda del Sol.

I love this wall outside St. Phillips- the old stucco is beautiful.

Dylan is the sweetest with Tina- I love this one.

I love these orange flowers! I need some for my yard.

This one melts my heart!

Love this one of Tina laughing at her hubbie to be!

A ll eyes on the bride! So cute.

I LOVE this wall at Hacienda del Sol. Every time I am there I have to use it.

These next few are my favorites. I love these flowers outside Hacienda. They are so gorgeous. The light was also at its most perfect when we arrived.

The gorgeous Tina!

So sweet, love it!

You guys are the best! Congrats! I can’t wait for your big day!


Erin Nutting: Maternity Shoot

All belly! Thats what I say when I look at Erin! For Erin and Brett’s maternity session- I met them at La Paloma (I love this shot above at the Red Door Spa there). I am so excited for these two to have their first BOY! The cute couple already has two beautiful girls- so this will be a fun addition to the family. Erin, a best friend of mine, will also have a boy just 4.5-5 month apart from my sweet boy. I can not wait for play dates!

I am so in love with this next side by side….

We started to walk over to a different area that I thought would be nice (for backdrop), and I noticed this amazing light on Erin.  I had to stop and take a few photos…of course these ended up being my favorites!

Adorable! She is stunning too…

G is for Greyson. Love him already!

It is not surprising that Erin has modeling in her background is it?!

These new few are of the couple. I just love these images. So sweet.



All belly!

Thank you so much Erin and Brett! You are going to be wonderful parents to little Greyson! Your kids are lucky to have you! Hugs!


Holiday Sessions!

I can’t wait for the holidays for some reason this year! I am excited to announce these holiday sessions! This year I will be bringing some props for kids- think banners, baskets and crates! As always I encourage you all to bring any accessories and props you want to incorporate as well! For poses, themes and outfit ideas see my Pinterest board HERE. Can’t wait, see you soon!

For more info or to book your session contact:

Elizabeth McDonnell Photography
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The Lindberg Family Summer Shoot

This is a special post for me. I can NOT say enough good things about this cute family! After meeting Natalie at their family photoshoot, I knew I wanted to be her friend. If for no other reason that to see how she handles 3 kids all under the age of 5! As it turns out, she totally does it flawlessly! She is an aspiring photographer (not too different from myself!) so naturally we hit it off. Her beautiful work can be seen on her Facebook page HERE.  Over the last few months the Lindberg family became not only one of my favorite clients, but friends too! Natalie will now, be taking the place of ‘second shooter’ during my upcoming wedding season shoots. For their fun family shoot we decided to meet at an Oro Valley park…the result was pretty cute I have to say!

What a little love this guy is!

These Lindberg’s are as funny as they are adorable….see what I mean….

These next two have the best story to go along with them…

So while we were shooting, Evan, the oldest (age 5), started picking some flowers off this tree. He then took the flowers over to his Mom, gave them to her, and said, “Mom, this is for LOVE.” Swoon!

The youngest, at 7 months here, is Lucy- can we talk about her outfit? Seriously.


So, whenever I am photographing a family- I inevitably get some bloopers- but this next one was a gem. I had to share- sorry Natalie! You mom’s out there can relate I know!

I love this….

AH! What a cutie.

Don’t you wish someone would do this to you?1!

I mean these shoes…REALLY?! Love.

This next one is my favorite of the whole shoot. I adore it! So simple, so meaningful.

Love the little coordinating outfits.

Trying to get a two year old and a 7 month old to sit together is comical….

Thank you Lindberg Family! You guys are the best!

Introducing: The Bump and the Baby

Introducing our baby and the bump package! I have so many mom’s who get their maternity photos done, and then after the baby comes, decide they want their little one photographed too! This new  package offers a discount for booking both shoots with me.

Details Include:
-The Belly and the Baby…………………………$350
-Two photo sessions
-Maternity Session with Mom to be
-Newborn Session, once the baby comes
-100+ hi-res photos from each se

Check out some of these moms and their cute little babies: 

Hope to see you soon!



Fall Mini Sessions!

It’s almost fall! That means fall mini’s! Choose between either- Howard’s Apple Orchard in Catalina where you can pick fresh produce among their beautiful apple and pear trees! Or the spooky, old historic Barrio in downtown Tucson among the gorgeous old buildings with crumbling stucco. Kids are encouraged to bring their Halloween costumes! I will provide a bunch of props like pumpkins, crates, baskets and a banner. Hope to see you there! (Details below)

To book contact us:

Elizabeth McDonnell Photography

Don’t you just love these little cuties?! Howard’s is so fun! Happy September.