Kelly and Danny: Engaged

This was one of my favorite shoots of all time.  This couple is gorgeous  the setting was incredible, but most of all the couple was truly fantastic. Danny, if probally on of my favorite people to photograph. He is the most easy going guy I have ever photographed. He will do anything we ask! And his gorgeous bride to be? Don’t get me started.

Kelly and Danny are getting married this fall at a gorgeous vineyard in Northern California (jealous!!) and I can not wait for the big day.  For their engagement shoot, we first took some shots in the morning in downtown Tucson. We even made a quick pit stop at the train station and got some great and romantic shots. Later that afternoon, we took a drive south of Tucson, to Patagonia and Sonoita to get some incredibly romantic, fall inspired shots.

These doors at the train station are so beautiful.


This was a sweet moment. I love the embrace.

Gorgeous, no?

I really like this shot of Danny. He is so sweet.

After walking around downtown Tucson, we headed over to the Train Station by Maynards Market. If features a vintage train that is absolutely beautiful.


This couple truly has an old world charm. You could swear that they were out of a movie in 1920…classic.

I adore this next image!

I love how this groom to be poped up out of his seat to kiss his girl…

After this morning shoot, we went home for naps (let’s face it, I was pregnant at the time, so I needed one!) and then met later to travel down to Patagonia and Sonoita (about an hour drive south of Tucson).

We Stopped first for a casual rustic shoot, then went to Sonoita for a romantic sunset, formal shoot. This setting was special to Danny because if reminded him of where he grew up.

So adorable!

This setting was a dream!

And now for the formals!

Obsessed with these next few!

It should be illegal to be this cute…

This is one of my faves!


Finally we popped a little champagne to get the celebration started!


This makes me so happy!

Ohhh the colors!!!

How adorable are these two!

Favorite image!

Thank you Kelly and Danny for such an amazing shoot! I can not WAIT for your wedding! EAK!

Charlotte at One!

Often I am asked by  clients to do follow up session from newborn photos at age One. I love doing this! For me, it is so fun to see how those tiny little infants grown up. When I met little Charlotte last year she was a 7 week old little chunk! Now she is all grown up and walking. And isn’t she still the cutest? The best part is, I know her personally too, so I have watched her grow up all year on Facebook (they live in Michigan). For our one year old shoot, we choose the Arizona Inn, which was a great backdrop for this little cutie.

Dont you just love this dress…!

Just spend a few minuets with Charlotte and you will learn how much she loves to climb!

Charlotte was so fixated on this leaf in the grass that we couldn’t get her to look at us- so I decided to take a few shots of her cute bow in the back…of course once we left and stopped trying to get her attention she wondered- “Hey where did they go?!”, and looked back at us. The photo turned out cute however:

Love this little side curl in her cute blonde hair.

Walking and moving!

More leaf play…

I love this little step in front of a suite at the Arizona Inn. It’s such a good spot for little ones.

(Side note: Charlottes Mom was standing right by her the whole time she was on this chair- don’t be nervous!)

Trying hard to get that smile…got a little more than we bargained for with that middle one!

A busy, busy girl- so much exploring to be done!

I think this next one is my favorite. I love this little face.

We had to play peak a-boo around this tree Charlotte was sitting in front of to get her to flash us that cute grin…


Love this last one with her cute tootsies.

Thank you Ashley and Charlotte for such a fun shoot! Happy Birthday little one!