Thank you clients!

I am feeling so incredibly lucky as I look back at such a successful 2013. It has been my busiest year yet, as I continue to grow. I have to extend a special thank you to all my beautiful clients (sadly, not all represented of course) forĀ letting me photograph your spacial families and memories. I am so honored, and so grateful to be a part of all of you lives! Here is to 2013, and looking forward to 2014! Happy New Year’s eve!

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Baby Mia: 6 Months

Mia Shirley is a doll. Truly the sweetest disposition of any baby. Plus, she is adorable! I recently photographed this ‘doll’ for her 6-month photo documentation. (Mia’s Mom has hired me to do a ‘First year in the life’ photo documentation of Mia’s entire first year of life). Mia’s Mom, Dad and big brother Max came along to help and watch, so we got a few of theses guys as well.

I just love this sweet little face, look how excited she is! The bows on the back of her dress, also had to be documented. I love details!

We managed to get a couple family photos, even though this shoot was all about Mia. Look forward to seeing this family again, when we do their holiday photo shoot this fall!


I just love this little back shot!

Mia and her mama.

Everything blooms in the desert when we finally get some rain! These bright cheerie flowers remind me of Mia!

I had to take a few of Mia’s big brother Max. What cute kids the Shirley’s have!

I love this last one! This will definitely make her album!

Thank you Shirley family!