Molly: Senior Graduation 2014 Session

This girl! Fun, beautiful, smart and of so adorable. Molly is just about as wholesome and wonderful as they come! Headed of to Chicago for school this year, Molly wrapped up her senior year by earning herself a running scholarship.  For Molly’s 2014 senior shoot we headed into the beautiful desert of the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. with everything in bloom, it made for some beautiful senior photos!

Molly Latin-2 copy

Love this one!Molly Latin-23

Molly Latin Graduation Blog copy

Molly Latin-164

Molly brought along her high-school sweetheart to the shoot which was the BEST idea. He had her laughing the whole time which made for the best candids!

Molly Latin-44 copy

See what I mean?!

Molly Latin Graduation Blog copy copy


Molly Latin-163 copy


The light at TVGR is so amazing. Molly Latin-174 copy

Molly Latin-1-2 copy


Beautiful inside and out. Molly Latin-183

Molly Latin-137 copy

Molly Latin Graduation Blog copy 2 copy

Molly Latin-113 copy

Molly Latin-135 copy


These two were so cute. Molly Latin-146 copy


Molly Latin-208

Molly Latin-235 copy

The green and yellow “weeds” were everywhere…stunning!


Molly Latin-264 copy

Molly Latin-288 copy


Molly Latin-273 copy

Molly Latin Graduation Blog copy 6 copy

Molly Latin-327 copy

Molly Latin-372 copy

Molly Latin Graduation Blog copy 3 copy   

Molly Latin-417 copy


Molly Latin-388

Molly Latin Graduation Blog copy 5 copy

Molly Latin Graduation Blog copy 4 copy

Love this one…she’s just so darn cute it kills me!

Molly Latin-1-3 copy

Molly Latin-458

Molly Latin-479 copy

Molly Latin Graduation Blog copy 7 copy

Molly Latin-504 copy

Molly Latin-542 copy

Molly Latin-535 copy

Thank you Molly for such a fun evening that night! You are just the sweetest and I wish you all the best! Good luck this year at school!



Shannon and Bill: Wedding at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch

I absolutely love fall weddings! I love the weather, the colors and most of all when brides use sunflowers! Shannon and Bill, got married at the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch this last November. If you don’t remember their engagement shoot…here is a sneak peek back…

418745_341123549303029_80440510_n-1 Mucha Family-1-3 The wedding  day was perfect, the bride was gorgeous and the location was a blast to photograph. Below are just a few of many favorites from the day.

Huff Wedding-1-34

Shannon and Bill

Huff Wedding-1-16 Huff Wedding-1-17


Huff Wedding-1-60


Dress time! Huff- Crawley 2012-68

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 10.42.53 PM


Huff- Crawley 2012-44


Huff- Crawley 2012-147

Huff- Crawley 2012-89

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.43.26 PM

Huff- Crawley 2012-78



Huff Wedding-1-18

Huff Wedding-1-26



Their first look…was really just her first look! So fun. I love his giant bow! HA!

Shannon Huff 20121

Huff- Crowley 2012-62 (1)

Huff Wedding-1-37

Huff Wedding-1-38

Huff Wedding-1-21

Huff Wedding-1


Ceremony time! I absolutely love these next two my second shooter, Kelsey Shirley got! Huff Wedding-1-14 Huff Wedding-1-13

Deep breath! Love this!
Huff Wedding-1-12The moment the bride comes down the aisle, I always look at the groom. I love that moment. So special. 

Huff Wedding-1-2

Huff Wedding-1-3

Huff Wedding-1-5

Huff Wedding1

Huff Wedding-1-6

Huff Wedding-1-4

Huff Wedding-1-15

Huff Wedding-1-9

Huff Wedding-1-10

Huff Wedding-1-11

Shannon & Bill-1-5

Huff Wedding7

Huff- Crowley 2012-162

Huff Wedding6

Huff Wedding-1-39

Shannon & Bill-1-6

Huff- Crawley 2012-88Huff- Crawley 2012-2


This is my absolute favorite parent shot ever! Love!Huff Wedding-1-36

Huff- Crawley 2012-30 (1)

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.41.29 PM

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.37.04 PM
Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.39.58 PM

Huff Wedding3

Huff- Crowley 2012-301 (1)

Huff- Crowley 2012-207 (1)

Huff- Crowley 2012-277

Huff- Crowley 2012-5-2
Huff- Crowley 2012-39-2

Huff- Crowley 2012-102-2 (1)

Huff- Crowley 2012-14-2

Huff- Crowley 2012-262 Huff- Crowley 2012-245

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.39.24 PM Desktop40 copy



Huff- Crowley 2012-290

Huff Wedding-1-31

Huff Wedding-1-24

Huff Wedding-1-20

Huff Wedding-1-27

Huff Wedding2

Huff Wedding-1-23

Huff Wedding-1-19

Huff Wedding-1-40

Huff Wedding-1-62


Huff Wedding4

Huff Wedding-1-42 Huff Wedding-1-41

Huff Wedding-1-51

Huff Wedding-1-48

Huff Wedding-1-46

Huff Wedding-1-45

Huff Wedding-1-47 Huff Wedding-1-50 Huff Wedding-1-49

Huff Wedding-1-56 Huff Wedding-1-55 Huff Wedding-1-54

Huff Wedding5

Congratulations you two! Hugs to you both.