Wedding Preview!

It has been a crazy fall! I am so honored to have so many weddings, and family shoots. That combine with my own new baby- isn’t leaving much blog time.  I am hoping to get all of them up on the blog soon, but for now- here is one of my stunning 2013 fall brides, from her DC Ranch wedding,  as a preview. If you remember her engagement shoot, your will already know, how incredibly photogenic this girl is! More soon!



Vitopaolo & Bonnie: Maternity

Bonnie & Vito-15

Maternity shoots are one of my favorite types of shoots. There is just something so incredibly exciting about the whole thing. Bonnie and Vitopaolo just recently moved to Tucson from Italy.  Bonnie was born and raised here, but Vito is experiencing living in the desert terrain for the first time. We decided to head to Tanque Verde Guest Ranch to take these maternity photos, and let Vito, have his first encounter with a Rattle snake. No joke- there it was in the middle of the path. Yikes! Needles to say, we managed to escape alive, baby bump in tow.

Photographing these two Arizona Italians, who are expecting their first baby this winter, was a blast. They are so warm, so loving and so very very excited. I don’t know any Italian, but I am pretty sure that Vito continuously looking at Bonnie and saying “….bellissimo!….bellissimo!……bellissimo!” in almost every sentence, meant that he thought she was beautiful. And beautiful she is…

Bonnie & Vito- Maternity

Bonnie & Vito-8 Bonnie & Vito-12 Bonnie & Vito-14
Bonnie & Vito-22

Bonnie Vito Blog FB1 Bonnie & Vito-34
Bonnie & Vito-41

Bonnie & Vito-37

Bonnie Vito Blog FB2 Bonnie & Vito-48 Bonnie & Vito-52 Bonnie & Vito-65 Bonnie & Vito-110

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Bonnie & Vito-235

Bonnie & Vito-219
Bonnie & Vito-251

Bonnie & Vito-246
Bonnie & Vito-259 Bonnie & Vito-262 Bonnie & Vito-265 Bonnie & Vito-295 Bonnie & Vito-305 Bonnie & Vito-307 Bonnie & Vito-333 Bonnie & Vito-338

Bonnie Vito Blog FB8 Stamp Family-1

You two will be beautiful parents! Hugs to you all.