Martha Stewart Weddings!


So beyond thrilled to announce we made it into Martha Stewart weddings! This wedding was a dream to work on, and I’m so thrilled its been see all over! To see the feature in Martha click HERE. To see the whole wedding as published on Style Me Pretty last year click HERE. 

Thanks to the amazing vendors: The glamorous “goldie” dress from Sarah Seven, the gorgeous bouquets, tables and floral halos by Butterfly Petals and glam details planned and hand crafted by Hello Gem.  You ladies are amazing! 


Banning/ Baird Family

Banning Family4Extended family sessions are always fun…you get to lear a bit about a family dynamic, see families be themselves, and most of all get a LOT of photos. I like to mix sessions, so I get a little bit of everything. One of my favorite things is when a family chooses an amazing spot…something off the beaten path.  One of best things about taking a scenic drive and taking photos in a beautiful location is that it gets people out of their zone, out of traditional photography and brings a realizing beauty and wonder to the little faces. This is hard to do with lots of schedules and people to coordinate, but this group made it happen, and I’m so glad they did. This trail is one of my absolute favorites in Tucson.  Not only that but they coordinated ever so perfectly, with an amazing mix of prints and colors. YES. Not only that but they are ALL incredibly photogenic. And I mean ALL of them. The two little granddaughters took the cake however. Their names? Penelope and Augury. I can’t. I just can’t. You’ll see what I mean… Braids & Bannings: you were so sweet, so fun and SO WELL DRESSED. Hope to see you all again soon.

Miller Family (1 of 1)-11

Banning Family

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Banning Family copy

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Banning Family

Banning Family5

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Banning Family1


Banning Family1


Banning Family (231 of 575)


Banning Family7

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Banning Family2Banning Family (315 of 575) Banning Family copy 4Banning Family (396 of 575) Banning Family copy 3


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Banning Family8


Kelly and Danny: Engaged

This was one of my favorite shoots of all time.  This couple is gorgeous  the setting was incredible, but most of all the couple was truly fantastic. Danny, if probally on of my favorite people to photograph. He is the most easy going guy I have ever photographed. He will do anything we ask! And his gorgeous bride to be? Don’t get me started.

Kelly and Danny are getting married this fall at a gorgeous vineyard in Northern California (jealous!!) and I can not wait for the big day.  For their engagement shoot, we first took some shots in the morning in downtown Tucson. We even made a quick pit stop at the train station and got some great and romantic shots. Later that afternoon, we took a drive south of Tucson, to Patagonia and Sonoita to get some incredibly romantic, fall inspired shots.

These doors at the train station are so beautiful.


This was a sweet moment. I love the embrace.

Gorgeous, no?

I really like this shot of Danny. He is so sweet.

After walking around downtown Tucson, we headed over to the Train Station by Maynards Market. If features a vintage train that is absolutely beautiful.


This couple truly has an old world charm. You could swear that they were out of a movie in 1920…classic.

I adore this next image!

I love how this groom to be poped up out of his seat to kiss his girl…

After this morning shoot, we went home for naps (let’s face it, I was pregnant at the time, so I needed one!) and then met later to travel down to Patagonia and Sonoita (about an hour drive south of Tucson).

We Stopped first for a casual rustic shoot, then went to Sonoita for a romantic sunset, formal shoot. This setting was special to Danny because if reminded him of where he grew up.

So adorable!

This setting was a dream!

And now for the formals!

Obsessed with these next few!

It should be illegal to be this cute…

This is one of my faves!


Finally we popped a little champagne to get the celebration started!


This makes me so happy!

Ohhh the colors!!!

How adorable are these two!

Favorite image!

Thank you Kelly and Danny for such an amazing shoot! I can not WAIT for your wedding! EAK!

Small Business Saturdays

Being a small business, I like to shop, eat and blog local too. Hence, I’ve decided, that my Saturday post will be dedicated to: Local business. I will try to highlight a small business in my (our) local Tucson community. Complete with…you guessed it- PHOTOS, and a small, modest description of what they do best. This will be a fun way for me to meet new people in my community, eat a new restaurants and shop local, all the while practicing what I love to do most, photography. I will be covering everything from restaurants and farmers markets, to boutiques, printers, florists and other local small businesses. Should you have a small business, or know of one you think I should cover, let me know I would love to feature it!