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Aloha from Hawaii! The last few months have truly flown by! It has been a whirlwind to move to a completely different world, and leave almost everything behind, to start new. As we get settled here, and I wrap up my late spring/ summer weddings, I thought I would share a few photos from my very first session here in Hawaii. I am loving the light, and of course being able to shoot on the beach! Cheers. E

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Erica and Tanner

Aloha bound.

14 weeks

I am so excited/ nervous/ anxious to announce that Elizabeth McDonnell Photography will be expanding to Hawaii! In June my family and I will be packing up and heading out of the desert for sun, sand, and pineapple! I say we are expanding because I will still be coming back to Arizona quite often to snap weddings, and family sessions as well as see friends and family. Please still send your inquiries, and recommendations my way as I embark on this fun new chapter! Mahalo.